K.O.H. Rail & Bracket Kit for SMARTBoards
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K.O.H. SMARTBoard Rail & Bracket Kits are compatible
ALL SMARTBoard models
For SB model 690: in addition to the K.O.H. Rail & Bracket kit, the ADAPT690 (set of adaptors) is required.
For SMART©Board models  with wall-mounted projectors (s
hort throw & ultra throw), in addition  to
the K.O.H. Rail & Bracket kit,a
BLK (set of wall-mounted spacers)  is required.

For the following wall-mounted projectors : UX60, UF75, 15 & SLR60WI, order the BLK IX (set of wall-mounted spacers)
For the following projectors : UF65 & UF65W, order the BLKI4 (set of wall-mounted spacers)
FEATURES of  The K.O.H. Rail & Bracket Kit
K.O.H. SMARTBoard Rail & Bracket kit allows you to mount SMARTBoard™ over   existing   
white boards/blackboards. The  brackets allow  for 8 different height settings so  you can
mount the SMART Board at a suitable height to meet the students needs.
The K.O.H.  Rail system also allows you to  SLIDE  the SMARTBoard to the side when not
in use so you can  use your whiteboard/dry-erase board.
K.O.H “STOPPERS”  eliminate the need to recalibrate the SMARTBoard every time it is moved.
Just insert the STOPPERS  into the rail at the point where the board is  calibrated.  If you want
the  SMARTBoard to stay fixed in one position use stoppers on  both ends of brackets.
FORM & FUNCTION in one PROFESSIONAL solution : KOH Rail & Bracket systems  eliminate   the
need to REMOVE or REARRANGE chalk boards to make room for SMARTBoard.   You don’t lose  
ANY  whiteboard space  AND achieve this with our professional-looking designs.
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